【Official】Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence

Blessed location close to the city and beach with a view of the blue gradation of the sea and sky

A relaxation resort suitable for a long stay, where you can relax in a comfortable residential stay and comfortable hotel service.

An ocean resort that fulfills a life-like trip

Accommodation reservation with air ticket"Dynamic package"

  • Accommodation reservation with air ticket"Dynamic package"

    Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence Official website limited!

    【Five points of accommodation plan with air ticket】
    POINT ① Book a room and airline ticket together!
    POINT ② You can freely choose from 12 airlines!
    POINT ③ Estimate and compare the prices of each company at once!
    POINT ④ Safe at the dedicated call center!
    POINT ⑤ You can make reservations for rental cars at once!

In front of the hotel! Introducing Ginowan Marina

  • Marina like an aquarium

    Cruising and sailing freely in the leisurely flowing time of the deep blue sky and the emerald green sea.
    If you stop the boat at your favorite place and enjoy snorkeling, you will often encounter colorful tropical fish and sea turtles.
    If you go out to the open sea, you will see a giant marlin and a big fight.
    At sunset time, toast with champagne while watching the sunset.
    Why don't you start your marina life in your own way?

This month's topics

Information from the restaurant

  • Recommended lunch of the month

    【Main dish】
    Sirloin steak with German potatoes
    【Side dish】
    Today's cream soup,Bread or rice,Combination salad,Coffee or tea
    ¥ 2800(Tax and service charge included)

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