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    ① Reserve your favorite plan on the Official website
    *Payment is limited to local payment (cash/credit) on the day
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    ③ A discount is applied by issuing a STAY NAVI coupon and presenting the coupon to the front desk at check-in.
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Accommodation reservation with air ticket

  • Accommodation plan with air ticket

    Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence Official website limited!

    【Five points of accommodation plan with air ticket】
    POINT ① Book a room and airline ticket together!
    POINT ② You can freely choose from 12 airlines!
    POINT ③ Estimate and compare the prices of each company at once!
    POINT ④ Safe at the dedicated call center!
    POINT ⑤ You can make reservations for rental cars at once!

Information on changing the reservation system

  • Notice to customers who have booked before July 20, 2020

    Thank you for using Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence.
    We have changed the reservation system for the purpose of improving the convenience of our customers.
    Please click the link below to check/change/cancel customers who have made a reservation using the old reservation system before July 20, 2020.

A wide variety of room types are available to meet the needs of various customers!

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Customer benefits for 3 or more consecutive nights

  • Service at the restaurant "Ocean Grill"

    Elegant tea with your favorite book in one hand.
    Wine and aperitifs will make your time extravagant.
    Enjoy a relaxing tropical night while enjoying an original cocktail.
  • Underwear laundry service

    Underwear wash service is available during your stay.Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Please leave at the front desk by 9am.We will hand it to you at the front desk after 6 pm.
  • Movie watching discount service

    You can watch a movie (once) being shown at the following cinema complex for 1,300 yen per person.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence


558-8 Uchidomari, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number



About 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport.About 20 minutes by car from Naha City.


As a base for Okinawa vacation, good access to resorts in the town! Comfortable location!

  • Neighboring area information

    An environment that is comfortable to live in is important for a comfortable and long-term stay.
    It is convenient to have a 24-hour supermarket, convenience store, and drug store nearby.
    There is also a popular Okinawa soba restaurant, an izakaya where you can enjoy fresh local fish dishes, amusement spots, shops that are nice for small children, and a hospital.
  • Okinawa event information (Okinawa Tourism Information Website Okinawa Monogatari)

    We will introduce various events such as Eisa, Harley, tug of war, cherry blossom festival held in various places in Okinawa Prefecture.

    I want to go to Okinawa but I wonder what month is best ...If you're in doubt, why not plan your trip according to the dates of events that interest you?
    You can search for events in Okinawa by "monthly", "category", or "specification".
  • Information on group hotels

    Hotel Moon Beach is a resort hotel located in Onna Village on the west coast of Okinawa Main Island.
    Enjoy a relaxing time in the best location surrounded by nature and on the private natural beach.

    About 40 minutes by car
    Hotel Moon Beach
    1203 Maeganeku, Onna Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa Prefecture
    TEL.098-965-1020FAX. 098-965-0555

A relaxation ocean resort where you can enjoy playing, relaxing and living!

  • Introduction of recommended plan

    There are 5 types of early reservation plan recommended for early reservations!
    120 days ago, 90 days ago, 60 days ago, 28 days ago, 14 days ago, we will discount according to your schedule.

    3 and continuous accommodation more Exclusive with plan, family to recommend a family plan, with the dinner plan, stocks lineup rich.
  • Restaurant information

    At the open-air all-day dining `` Ocean Grill'' facing the garden terrace where the light flutters, a variety of menus that can be enjoyed by children and adults will be displayed, centering around American-style grilled dishes that make use of passionate fresh ingredients. ..
    Enjoy the fresh sea and the blessings of the earth in the resort kitchen wrapped in the tropical scent.
    Please enjoy a relaxing and relaxing time filled with exciting taste.
  • Free rental equipment(Some pay)

    We have abundant rental goods to support your comfortable stay.

    Cookware set / Tableware set / Rice cooker / Iron / Ironing board / Trouser press / Humidifier / Air purifier (with humidifying function) / Fan / Desk lamp / Stroller A / B type / Crib / Bed guard / Blanket / Weight Meter / LAN cable / Extension cord / Mobile charger (Please store your mobile phone at the front desk to charge.)/bottle opener/Can opener/Wine opener/Thermometer/Icenon/Bathroom chair for nursing/wheelchair/computer(1 day:1,000 yen)/DVD player(1 day:500 yen)

Reservations and Inquiries

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