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    Moon Ocean Couple
    • An Executive Suite for your special holiday.

      STYLE 1. Enjoy an elegant time in your room.

      Spacious and spacious living room with an ocean view and a luxurious view bath.
      Toasting with sparkling champagne while gazing at the blue sea, the beautiful sunset and the night view.
      You can spend a wonderful time away from everyday life with only two people flowing slowly.
    • Enjoy the sea and town! Where are we going today?

      STYLE 2. Free vacation, Okinawa vacation.

      Close to beaches, shopping and amusement spots,
      A privileged location that is accessible.
      Enjoy marine leisure at a Tropical Beach,
      Shop at popular Mihama American Village, Naha Shintoshin, and Kokusai-dori Shopping Street!
      You can enjoy the fun of the two of us.
    • Chef's dishes that color the night of tropical resorts on the Ocean Grill.

      STYLE3. Ocean Grill, great dinner time.

      A calm space with downlights and a restaurant and bar with a mature atmosphere.
      We will produce a romantic dinnertime for both of you.
      Combination style delicious food with American grill as the main dish.
      Have a cocktail at bar time and have a good time.
    • We will help you create a surprise day for your two anniversary.

      Surprise plan on your anniversary.

      Moon Ocean offers a variety of room services to suit your needs.
      In order to have a wonderful time to commemorate your special trip,
      The hotel staff will serve you with all your heart.
    • For an even more memorable anniversary.

      Click here to reserve a cake!

      For birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special celebrations, etc.!
      You can apply only from the site.
      We do not accept phone calls.
    • Further creates a tropical resort feeling.

      Fruit service

      Cut fruit :From ¥ 1,200
      Fruit plate(No cut):From \ 4,000

      *We will consult with you according to your budget.
      *Contents vary depending on the season.
      *Please contact us with your requests.
      *Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the date of use.
      *Depending on the time of inquiry and the desired time for arrangements, we may decline the request.
    • Please spend an extravagant moment when you talk while tilting the glass.

      Drink service

      Wine(Red and white):From \ 3,100
      sparkling wine:From \ 3,800
      Champagne:\ 12,200

      *Please contact us as we have various types.
      *Depending on the time of inquiry and the desired time for arrangements, we may decline the request.
    • We provide heartfelt bouquets for loved ones.

      Flower service

      Gift bouquet:From \ 5,500
      Table flower:From \ 3,300

      *The above charges include tax and service charge.
      *We will respond according to your budget.
      *You can also prepare a message card.Please contact us.
      *Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the date of use.
      (When making inquiries by e-mail etc., it may take 2 to 3 days to reply and check the contents, so please contact us with plenty of time.For last-minute orders, please contact us by phone.)
      *Depending on the time of inquiry and the desired time for arrangements, we may decline the request.

    Moon Ocean Family
    • Pleasant rooms and services for families.(Deluxe Twin)

      STYLE 1. Family with small children is also easy to spend.

      We recommend the spacious and spacious Deluxe Twin Room.
      Flooring floors allow children to play with peace of mind.
      In addition to cribs and bed guards, amenities such as toothbrushes and slippers for children are also available.
      The whole family can be comfortable.
    • Let's play in the hotel pool, garden, and nearby areas! (Whirlpool)

      STYLE 2. Family walk in the sun.

      Please spend a pleasant time in the garden pool & whirlpool of the hotel where the sunlight of the southern country falls.
      Also, cycle along the coast with your family or take a walk to the marina.
      There are many parks where small children can fully enjoy, so you can enjoy plenty without having to go out.

      (Garden pool & whirlpool is open seasonally from April to October.)
    • Cooking is good with family.(Corner Suite)

      STYLE3. After playing to your heart's content, have dinner in your room.

      All rooms have kitchens, large refrigerators, and microwaves.
      There is also a lending service for cooking utensils and tableware.
      There is also a supermarket in the neighborhood where you can easily enjoy cooking by purchasing local ingredients.
      There is also a take-out menu available at the all-day dining "Ocean Grill".
      You can enjoy a leisurely meal in your room.

    Moon Ocean group
    • Independent private space, rich and relaxing living space.(Premium Sweet)

      STYLE 1.3-bedded 2 bedroom family.

      The rooms with 2 bedrooms are
      A luxurious space where 3 generation families and friend groups can feel free to spend.
      A shower is installed not only in the bathroom but also in the main bedroom.
      In the spacious living room overlooking the sea, you can spend a relaxing time together.
    • Let's enjoy marine sports at Moon Beach.(Onna Village)

      STYLE 2. Enjoy the resort with the whole family.

      Enjoy tropical resorts at the hotel's garden pool and nearby Tropical Beach!
      Also, for guests staying at Moon Ocean Ginowan
      At the group hotel "Moon Beach" on the Onna Village
      Free use of facility charges, parking lot and pool
      We also offer discounts on marine sports.
      Why do not you experience the nature-rich Okinawan sea such as Yo Island
    • Let's all play at the sea and leisure spots.

      STYLE 3. Stay with friends group.

      Even 4 adults can stay comfortably in a 2-bedroom room.
      Play at the sea during the daytime and talk in the living room with an ocean view during the nighttime.
      For example, a concert at the Okinawa Convention Center where you can walk,
      There are various ways to enjoy a ROUND 1, such as a bowling competition.

    Residential style to live like
    • All rooms are equipped with a kitchen and a spacious living room for long-term stay.

      Okinawa long stay spent in each style

      Shop at a local supermarket and cook in the kitchen of your room.
      For long-stayers who want to spend their time living in Okinawa,
      A charming residential-style hotel.
      If you stay for 6 consecutive nights or more, the accommodation fee will be given to you.
      Relax and relax and enjoy your tropical life in your own style.
    • Long stay benefits(More than 3 Nights Stay)

      Benefit 1. Drink service at the restaurant
      Benefit 2. Laundry service
      Benefit 3. Movie theater discount service
      Benefit 4. Group hotel services
      Benefit 5. Breakfast 50% OFF(6 nights or more)
    • Convenient access and location where you can fully enjoy the city and resort.

      Neighboring area information

      Located in a resort area with beaches and parks, close to Kokusai-dori Shopping Street and Shintoshin,
      The best location with good transportation access.
      In addition, within walking distance from the hotel, supermarkets and restaurants, which are convenient for long-term stays,
      Full of leisure spots.You can enjoy a rich long stay.
    • Long Stay Plan

      Residential stay
      ◆Weekly plan 6 nights ~ 1 room from 69,000 yen
      ◆Monthly plan 30 nights ~ 1 room from 285,000 yen
      *Prices vary depending on the room type.
      *Room cleaning is once every two days.
      *For this plan, the total amount will be settled in advance.(At check-in or,Front transfer)
      *Special benefits for this plan are available.
    • You can also book your accommodation by phone.

      Contact Us

      If you have any questions, such as accommodation or eating and drinking,
      Please feel free to contact us using the phone number below.

      Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence
      〒901-2227 558-8 Uchidomari, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture
      【Representative phone】098-890-1110 / "Representative FAX" 098-890-1120
      【Inquiry email address】mog.reserve@moonbeach.co.jp
      【home page】https://www.moonoceanginowan.jp