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  2. Long stay benefits

Long stay benefits

Customer benefits for 3 or more consecutive nights

To make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Special hospitality sent to guests staying for 3 consecutive nights or more.
  • Service at the restaurant "Ocean Grill"

    Elegant tea with your favorite book in one hand.
    Wine and aperitifs will make your time extravagant.
    Enjoy a relaxing tropical night while enjoying an original cocktail.

    Opening Hours

    [tea time]From 14:00 to 17:00
    Coffee or tea free drink service

    [Aperitif time]From 16:00 to 17:30
    One drink service of beer, wine or aperitif

    [Bar time]From 19:00 to 21:00
    Original cocktail one drink service
  • Underwear laundry service

    Underwear wash service is available during your stay.Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Please leave at the front desk by 9am.We will hand it to you at the front desk after 6 pm.

    Target item


    *Up to 3 items per person per day.
    *Self laundry is also provided free of charge.
  • Movie watching discount service

    You can watch the movie (once) being shown at the following cinema complex for 1,500 yen per person.

    ◆Mihama 7plex(Chatan)
    ◆Cinema Q(Naha Shintoshin)
    ◆Cinema Rycom(Kitanakagusuku)
    ◆Cinema Palette(Naha)
    ◆Southern Plex(Haebaru)

    *3D movies require an additional charge of 300 yen (including glasses).
  • Moon Beach Residential Club Members Lounge

    "Moon Beach Residential Club Members Lounge"
    Customers using Hotel Moon Beach"Residential Club Room" and
    Customers staying at Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel and Residence for 3 nights or more
    Exclusive lounge available.
    Our dedicated staff will take care of you so that you can enjoy a more comfortable resort stay to your heart's content.
    In addition to soft drinks, snack services, PC corner, library corner, etc.,
    We will provide a higher-grade service to meet the various requests of our guests.

    *The location will be "Hotel Moon Beach" in Onna VillagePlease understand beforehand that it is not provided at Moon Ocean Ginowan


    We provide high-quality hospitality to our customers so that they can be more comfortable and relaxed.

    Moon Hotels common service

    1.【Free soft drinks are available at the Members Lounge】
    *For guests staying at Moon Ocean Ginowan
    It can be used for 3 consecutive nights or more.

    2.【Free pool at both hotels during your stay】
    *However, the pool at Moon Ocean Ginowan
    It is open seasonally from April to October.

    3.【Free gym for both hotels during your stay】

    Four.【Underwear laundry limited to customers staying 3 nights or more(Washing) service】
    Underwear wash service is available free of charge up to 3 per person per day during your stay.
    If you deposit by 9am, we will hand it over after 6pm on the day.
    Target item:Undershirt/briefs/socks/slip/bra/panties/handkerchief
  • Discount on breakfast during your stay(6 nights or more)

    The refreshing start of the day is an open-air front facing the garden terrace where the light flutters
    Enjoy it at the all-day dining "Ocean Grill".
    Enjoy a wide variety of buffets with fresh, passionate ingredients.

    Open Hours

    From 7:00 to 10:00(LO9: 30)
    50% off breakfast
    *It is a benefit of 6 consecutive nights or more.